Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pokemon..why won't you obey me?!

I've been playing Pokemon Platinum for quite a bit today since I got it the other day. 

I decided before I got the game on a team that I would trade some of across from Diamond to help me through the game. I didn't expect to get so many problems with the pokemon not obeying me. 

Here's my team at the moment, with 1 badge. White text is from Platinum, Silver is from my Diamond game ie. traded across

Grotle lv18

Sneasel lv15

Aerodactyl lv13

Meditite lv13

I had intended to include a Horsea and another, but I gave up on those, I'm gonna pick 2 more up as I go through the game. 

Anyway, here is the problem I was mentioning before. Pokemon that are traded from another game benefit from receiving 1.5x the normal Exp from battles, however they don't always obey the new trainer if you dont have enough badges. So far I have 1 badge, but that doesnt seem to prevent any of my Diamond OT pokes from wacking off or whatever they do in battle, cos it sure aint fighting. My Grotle is lv18, a decent level for where I am in the game and obeys me no question, but the lower level traded pokemon don't! I guess I'm just getting frustrated, but its getting hard to level them when they keep passing their turns and dying.

End of passion play, crumbling away
I'm your source of self-destruction
Veins that pump with fear, sucking dark is clear
Leading on your deaths construction

Taste me you will see
More is all you need
Dedicated to
How I'm killing you

Come crawling faster
Obey your Master
Your life burns faster
Obey your Master

Master of Puppets I'm pulling your strings
Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams
Blinded by me, you can't see a thing
Just call my name, 'cause I'll hear you scream
Just call my name, 'cause I'll hear you scream

Needlework the way, never you betray
Life of death becoming clearer
Pain monopoly, ritual misery
Chop your breakfast on a mirror

Taste me you will see
More is all you need
Dedicated to
How I'm killing you

Come crawling faster
Obey your Master
Your life burns faster
Obey your Master

Master of Puppets I'm pulling your strings
Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams
Blinded by me, you can't see a thing
Just call my name, 'cause I'll hear you scream
Just call my name, 'cause I'll hear you scream

Master, Master, where's the dreams that I've been after?
Master, Master, you promised only lies
Laughter, Laughter, all I hear or see is laughter
Laughter, Laughter, laughing at my cries
Hell is worth all that, natural habitat
Just a rhyme without a reason
Neverending maze, drift on numbered days
now your life is out of season
I will occupy
I will help you die
I will run through you
Now I rule you too

Come crawling faster
Obey your Master
Your life burns faster
Obey your Master

Master of Puppets I'm pulling your strings
Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams
Blinded by me, you can't see a thing
Just call my name, 'cause I'll hear you scream
Just call my name, 'cause I'll hear you scream

Come on, they gotta obey me after I post those awesome Metallica lyrics =p

Oh well, back to the grind. Maybe if I get some more badges it'll even out.

Bit of a random update.

I havent really updated with much interesting recently. Thought I'd post, even if it might not necessarily be interesting to you. But hell if it isn't interesting, people probably aren't reading so I don't see why I'm thinking into this too much.

Its starting to feel more like summer now, with the football leagues finished and the weather in the past few days improving insanely. Damn Rangers winning things this season...I don't think they deserved the league this year, but hell, I am biased. Plus Celtic dropped a stupid amount of points. actually...thats nothing to do with Rangers and probably one of the reasons they went on to win the league title. And although I hate to say it, Novo's goal in the cup final today was quite something.

I noticed that I've been overusing commas recently, don't know why... I can't remember the exact "ruling" for when to use commas, semi-colons, colons, dashes and as a result use some in the wrong situation. But OMG...I'm getting stupidly sidetracked again by minutae. I'm pretty sure people won't want to read about my grammatical errors. 

I've finished my Black Mage 8-bit painting, I'll try upload it somewhere to the interwebz at some point soon hopefully. Also been trying to work on a new banner for the blog, the one you see now (Cloud) is the result, but it might get tweaked or changed because I'm not 100% satisfied with it yet.

I've been spending stupid amounts recently on games, I'll give you a roundup of what I bought in the past few months. Some of these I am very pleased with =D I'll also tally up the total price and most likely cry.

Star Ocean IV: The Last Hope Limited Collectors Ed. (X360) £49.99 Preorder from Amazon

Knights in the Nightmare (DS) £39.55 from Ebay (with Atlus Preorder Spoils only available in US) Spoils

Pokemon Platinum (DS) £28 from HMV

Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny (PS2) £11 from Amazon [complete with soundtrack]

Unlimited Saga (PS2) £5.50ish from Ebay [complete with FFX-2 prologue disc]

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles (PSP) £12 from Ebay

Riviera (PSP) £18 from Ebay

Total: over £160...

Some of those games are only getting rarer..yeah I'll keep telling myself that. T_T 

Also, I've not paid for Star Ocean yet, as its not shipped: and I think its gone lower than 50 since I placed the preorder, so I only have to pay the lowest price its gone too.

Till next time ;D

Friday, May 29, 2009

Geometry Wars Galaxies and stuff.

I've been playing a bit more of this on and off when I need something simple but fun and addictive.

The game is on a few different systems, but I'm playing the DS version. I really like the control system with the D-Pad and stylus at the same time-its quite well done. 

This screen is not from the DS version which has slightly weaker visuals, but still looks nice. 

I think I played too much of this game somehow. The other night I had dreams of a neon wire frame dragon attacking me lol.

I'd definitely recommend the game, even though it doesnt have any storyline its still a game I really like.


I kinda forgot what else I was going to talk about actually..oh, my Black Mage painting is almost done. I'll put that up if I can get it scanned once its done =D

Monday, May 25, 2009

Upcoming PSP RPGs.

The PSP is a system that has plenty of promise, but for me, doesnt have that many RPG titles. Not many of the non-RPG titles have really jumped off the shelves at me either. It has a fair few now and that number is growing but I still prefer the DS. Perhaps given time the PSP will accumulate RPGs similar to the PS2 which has a huge collection. I'm gonna focus on some of the RPGs that are coming out soon in this post.

Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days (PSP)

I posted this video before, but this one is the US trailer and has english comments.

Persona (PSP)

I'm still not sure about this, heard some bad things about the original game, hopefully they change the bad stuff for this version, like some kind of map. The Etrian Odyssey games apparantely do FP-Dungeon crawling and map management quite well. Dark Spire was another that I was looking at.

Crimson Gem Saga aka Garnet Chronicle (PSP)

This is the sequel to Astonishia Story, and known as Garnet Chronicle in Japan. I heard bad things about AS, hopefully I don't need to play it in order to enjoy this one. It looks very promising.

Class of Heroes (PSP)

This one looks quite lighthearted and cheery and with what seems to be quite a common theme in rpgs-some kind of magical/adventure school. 

"This is as classic as dungeon crawling gets in an ever-changing 3-D labyrinth containing more than 75 maps full of puzzles, traps, and treasure. Over 500 character possibilities are available to you. A flexible alchemy system with more than 400 recipes allows you to synthesize new items from random items found in the labyrinths, as well as customize your weapons attributes, range, and strength.

Available June 2009."

The "500" character possibilities could be good, but could also be quite limited. There are 10 races from what I've heard, and quite a few classes for them to choose from. Could be interesting. Its kinda americanised in that the classes are called "majors." Interesting to see if they change that for the PAL release, or not. If one is on the way, I'm not too sure.

Final Fantasy XIII Agito (PSP)

*Damn...I shoulda left out the "(PSP)", these are all PSP titles...

I'm not too sure if this is within copyright trailers have been removed from youtube. So I wont bother uploading the vid. Go here to watch it and find out some more.

Also, official site, with which I cant seem to find any links on... Nice pic though I guess hehe...

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (PSP)

*I started putting PSP after each, might as well stick with the format :P

For those confused by the forthcoming KH titles and I still am too at times, here is a bit of info for clarification/recapping. There are 3 Kingdom Hearts games set to come out in Japan. Probably only 2 of these will make it to America and the rest of us any time soon. 

The 3 games are;

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 (DS) ~ This is an interquel, between KH1 and KH2.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (PSP) ~ This is a prequel to the original PS2 game.

Kingdom Hearts coded (Mobile) *We probably wont get this one where you play as a Digital Sora*

I'm not gonna look up any videos for these, as although I've beaten Kingdom Hearts, I havent started the 2nd one and I'm pretty sure I would get some spoilers if I watched vids or read through all that info in detail. Look at the links above, or do some searches if you are interested in these.

That is all for now, I'm running out of steam.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some more gaming news.

Here's some more stuff, some of it oldish but meh.

Dragon Age Origins (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

A video from a while ago showing the graphic content that we will see in this Bioware RPG which some people have described as a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate.

This one should be good! I might have actually posted that video before, but I'm looking forward to the voice acting in this game. They've got a big cast working on it, and it sounds good in quality!

Sometime Q4 this year for this one.;title;1

Pokemon Platinum (DS)

This is coming out in the UK very soon - May 22nd. Everyone else has had it for a while now and we'll soon get addicted to this, well I will... I was close to getting the NTSC version or preordering it but resisted. This is one of the games I might actually pick up at launch because I love pokemon games. I don't usually buy games at launch because I am stingy but this series is one that can tempt me with my money. =D;title;0

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP)

I've not played any of the games before this, but the trailers look pretty cool. This one will be out on..well sometime. I'm not sure.

Tales of Vesperia (Xbox 360, PS3)

This is due out across Europe on June, 26th 2009. I really like the look of this one.

Looks very similar to Tales of Symphonia, which I liked some things about but couldn't finish.;title;0

Star Ocean IV: The Last Hope (Xbox 360)

Wow, he can run almost as fast as Kaim from Lost Odyssey :o

I've actually preordered this one already, even though I heard some things about it weren't quite up to scratch. Looks too cool not to! 

June 5th 2009 PAL release for this one.

Some gaming news.

Thought I'd post up some more in the video gaming industry moves fast and I'm not usually up to date or the first to know, but hell...I found this stuff awesome so you might too!

I'll start off with Knights in the Nightmare, the genre-crossing game from Sting and this one is apparantely the 4th title in their Dept. Heaven series, which includes Riviera: The Promised Land and Yggdra Union: We'll never fight alone. The 3rd title in the series isn't out at the moment, and there are few current details on it. This one looks really unique and different from any of the games out there on the DS. Its kind of a mashup of srpg, strategy and shooter from what I can tell, but take that with a pinch of salt. Style-wise it is slightly similar to Riviera and Yggdra Union and this is one game that looks so nice I really want to get the artbook. It might cost me a bit, but I'll probably look into ebay for the package that ships with US preorders. 

Some nice art from Gamespot, RPGfan, RPGamer dunno where else...

Some links and details because theres lots of stuff on there I cant really fit on here. Take a look at these for more;;title

Knights in the Nightmare (DS)

Developer: Sting

Publisher: Atlus Co

Release Dates: Jun 2, 2009 (US)

Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days (PSP)

I'm quite interested in this one as I really liked the quirkyness, humour and references in the story of the first game. Its a remake or port of Disgaea 2 from the PS2, with added story and aspects of gameplay from the 3rd game on the PS3 from what I can tell. I've not played the 2nd one before, so I'll be looking to get a hold of this one. UK gamers have got all of the recent Disgaea releases, so hopefully we'll get this one as well. If not, I can always import the US copy.

We'll have to wait for this one a while longer, it'll be out later this year in the US.

Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days

Developer: Nippon Ichi Software

Publisher: NIS America

Release Dates: All we've got is Q4 2009 at the moment.


Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis (PS2)

Us PAL gamers have this now, its released with a pretty cool premium edition with lots of nice stuff: soundtrack, poster and stuff.

I might check this out if I can get it reasonably cheap.

Ar Tonelico 2: Melody Of The Metafalica (PS2)

This is also coming to PAL regions, hopefully there is a better job of it done than the US gamers got. Bugs, bad localisation are not good things, so I'll look at some reviews for this first. Don't know if the insane amount of innuendo and whatnot would be my thing, but still, its cool that PAL gamers get a chance on this one. There is too much going on in this post. I will edit or do another one after this.

Finished Odin Sphere finally!

I finally beat Odin Sphere and the ending is...amazing! Such a breathtaking, emotional final few scenes and it ties together everything that had come before it in the story. I won't give any spoilers because I don't like getting games, anime or movies etc spoiled for me. I'll simply recommend the game, it definitely is way up there among my favourite games. Yeah, there are some bits and aspects I didn't like, perhaps it was a tad too drawn out, slightly repetitive, it often lags and is quite hard at times, but all of those flaws are only minor superficial scratches and really don't take too much away from the overall experience of the game.

My final clear time was 65 hrs 20 and I got the true ending (yeah, I had a peek at Gamefaqs to find out what order to do things in to get it =p) and it is such a beautiful ending to an incredible game.

I'm going to sleep now. ^o^

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mass Effect 2 - Prelude to E3

Bioware have released a trailer which they dubbed "prelude to E3" and gave us a lot more insight into the game mechanics, graphical overhaul, storyline, weapons and a few other things. 

Check out the link for the article I saw below;

This has just jumped way up on my list of anticipated games. I can't wait for this. Roll on E3 so we can get more on this!

Here's the video;

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finished Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance.

I finally completed Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance today, with all of the main endings (I had to look up a guide on how to get them, but meh..)

Its a pretty cool game once you get into it, but still its not as good as some of the other Castlevania titles. Even though its short (took me less than 8 hrs to beat) and very easy, it still had some features I quite liked.

So anyway...after I beat the game with the 3rd main ending, I turned the DS off, victorious at last. Then decided a bit later to turn it back on to have a look at boss rush mode. Turned it on to find I had no data. What the hell?

Yeah, somehow the data had vanished into nothingness just like Dracula's stupid ass castle. No error message, no "your data has been corrupted" message, no nothing. OMG...

I guess the one positive is that it happened after I beat the game and not during it or just beforehand. Still it pisses me off no end. I'm not usually too bothered about keeping backup saves but this is probably gonna change that. I would have smashed stuff in my room, or cried if this had happened on my 60 odd hr Odin Sphere save which is unfinished, but so close to the end.

*Backed up my PS2 saves just incase*

I guess the fact that I hadn't put that much time into the game either means it shouldn't be so hard to take...but I just wish hardware and game testers would pick up on these things. 

Its not my first experience with losing data, its happened before but a long time sucks. I'm gonna go listen to some angry music and vent some anger now. Arch Enemy sounds good.

Arch Enemy - My Apocalypse

Cradle of Filth - Tonight in Flames

Disarmonia Mundi - Celestial Furnace

Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction

Slayer - Angel of Death

Thats a bit better...metal has some awesome power! \m/

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Odin Sphere, nearing the endgame now.

I played some more Odin Sphere in the past few days, I think I'm getting close to the end now. Well..."epilogue" in the last character's story (Fate) would suggest that I'm damn near the end.... -.< 

It's pretty difficult...I had to do fight 2 bosses at a time but strangely I got through that and I'm on the final area now. I tried a few stages and then went back to up my HP level as much as I could before I make my way through. The story in this game is really gripping at steals hours of my day at a time. I really like the way the stories have overlapped and we see things from each character's perspective. They each have different motives, feelings and loyalties. Even though I am basically going through the same stages I have been through 4 or 5 times, it still keeps me interested as the story is different each time and the script is so well done. 

The game is so shiny and gorgeously drawn. The backgrounds are just amazing...actually everything about the game, the backgrounds, the characters, the enemies-graphically the game is incredible.

I'm about 55 or 60 hours into the game(I can't remember) and getting very close to completion. I might write more about it after I beat it, maybe a review or something. 

It makes me want to  get a hold of some other Vanillaware games, GrimGrimoire or Princess Crown perhaps.. I don't want Odin Sphere to end...I don't know if I could bring myself to play through it again though..even on the lowest difficulty its got me to throw the controller, attempting to snap the controller, punching things...frustrating, but an incredible game still! =D I don't think I'm good enough at fast action rpgs like this to play through on hard mode...I've got this far on normal, with some stages or bosses on easy when they served me too much hehe...

I'll most likely be getting Muramasa from what I've seen of it though!

This gorgeous image from the artbook (which I want) made me feel..colourful, so thats why the text is like that :p

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance.

I started Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance on the GBA the other day for something a bit different to the other games I was playing (and getting frustrated with.) 

So far it seems really easy compared to a few of the other GBA/DS titles, but I am still liking it. Juste Belmont (pictured) is a character with some really nice intricate character design even though there is not much character development yet or even personality, but I'm not far through the game yet. 

It seems a very short game, I'm already 68.2% through after 2 hours and 20 minutes of gameplay. Despite the shortness, it has loads of atmosphere and remains addictive. I love sinking time into exploring the castle and finding items, relics, spells, collectibles (furniture for some sort of sidequest lol.) Lots of Castlevania staples in there, but its all good stuff. 

The game seems very easy compared to other titles, I've only died a handful of times so far, with none of the bosses giving me any problems. I kind of wish I would get rewarded for killing bosses with relics/abilities straight after defeating them, they dont always seem to give rewards immediately, which left me kind of dissapointed. It feels satisfying defeating bosses, replenishing HP/MP and getting an interesting new ability at the same time. 

A few things aside, I really like the game, I would recommend it from what I've played so far. I'll probably talk some more about it as I progress through.

I got into playing it also because I had just made a music video for youtube, its embed below. Nothing spectacular, but I love the song and some of the images in there.

Here's some pretty cool Juste images and cosplays also, that hair is almost Sephiroth like at times!  :P



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Halo Final Fantasy. :D

I <3 the 80s.

Man, the 80s were an awesome time to grow up. Its funny looking back on those crazy fashions and trends (some of which have come back into fashion..dont ask me why) and thinking of how different life was back then. I still don't understand how sometimes people's hair just "looked" 70s or 80s even without being cut in one of those hilarious styles such as a mullet. 

Video games back in the 80s were a different beast to the ones we have now, we had crazily hard platformers, arcade and sci-fi influenced side scrollers, role playing games based on D&D style rules and premises and loads of other stuff.

Take a look at this link for some hilarity from the 80s and early 90s. Wow, there are some awesomely bad boxes in there and there is 4 pages of the stuff! Its crazy to think they would be thought of as anything close to well-made video game boxes at the time. I'm actually almost left speechless by some of those random geometric shapes, neon-pastel colours, hairstyles and other crap in there. Hilarious, read the link XD. Ninja scooter simulator, Skateboard I only vaguely remember the 80s, but man was it fricken GNARLY!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Odin Sphere.

I've been playing quite a bit more of Odin Sphere today. I'm in the epilogue of Mercedes' story, Fairy Land. This game is really cool, but can be quite hard at times and some people criticise it as being repetitive, as you basically play through an overlapping timeline for each of the characters, fighting some of the bosses multiple times through the game. Its definitely worth a look though, I like it. At the moment, I'm around 40 hours through, and still have to do 2 character's storylines after this.

Also, thought I'd upload this video to youtube. I love the song!

Cat gun-engage!

Awesome. Do want cat gun.

Champions League football.

The 2nd legs of the Champions League semi finals have been and gone now. The Arsenal vs Manchester Utd game was kinda over by about the 8th minute I think it was. Arsenal played about a million miles an hour from the kickoff, thinking they could score, being positive and trying to get some goals. A few defensive mistakes later, and any belief was gone in the Arsenal camp. I would say it ended up being quite a good game to watch, even if it wasnt open for either side, there was some good football played. 

That ended up as Manchester Utd 3-1 Arsenal. (4 - 1 Agg)

Tonight though, there was even more drama. Chelsea looked like they were going through to the final to play Man Utd again (yawn) in the final, after a Michael Essien volley early on. They had kept Barca at bay for so long, even though the spanish side had so much possession, they hadnt translated it to many chances. In the end, the one they did get, it paid off and killed off Chelsea's dreams of being in the final. This took right up till the 93rd minute, where Iniesta struck an equally amazing shot right into the top corner of Cech's goal. Musta been so hard on the Chelsea fans, even more so when they saw that kind of refereeing from this Norwegian(I think) official. To be fair to him, a few of the "penalty" claims didnt look like penalties to me, like the first one, which was just in the box and looked a bit soft. There were a few which could've been given for handball, like the one where Anelka tried to take it around Pique, and it hit his hand. I thought that was ball to hand, as was the Ballack shot and handball, but others would surely disagree, and that coulda been given easily. The Drogba penalty claim was hilarious though, sure there was a shirt-pull in there, but when you act like he did when it wasn't given, you cant be taken seriously. I burst out laughing when I saw his reaction. 

Which was almost as ridiculous as Ballack's protests to the referee after his penalty claim, and even worse, after the game had finished, Drogba's protests to the officials and referee which got him a yellow card. He was complaining, accusing the referee of being a "fucking disgrace." What is definitely disgraceful is the way he acted. There is no place for that kind of behaviour in football, kids could be watching, seeing him as a role model, and thats not going to look good. When Drogba stops being so theatrical, going down looking for penalties and free-kicks and acting like this, he could be an excellent footballer, but as they said on Sky Sports, his reputation is always going to go before him, and right now that is not in his favour. I hope he sees a big suspension for his actions.

Chelsea will probably think they are hard done by, but they cant always blame this kind of result on decisions by referees that didnt go their way. They could have easily put the game away. They didnt play in the first leg, and got no away goals to show for it. They had lots of chances in this game and didnt take any either. They shouldnt rely so much on the officials.

Also, no matter how much it seems something doesnt go their way and how much it infuriates them, I don't like to see Chelsea fans throwing stuff like flags at officials or the Barca bench. You lost, deal with it. Football is harsh sometimes...

Chelsea 1 - 1 Barcelona (1 - 1 Agg) Barca go through as result of away goal.

Champions League Final: Manchester Utd vs Barcelona ~ May 27th, Sky Sports



Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pokemon and Nostalgia.

1Up's RPG blog "The Grind" posted something recently about an upcoming Pokemon Gold/Silver remake project. I don't know if its definite yet, but that would be awesome news. Pokemon GS were really good games in my opinion because they added so much and allowed you to go back to the original world map (Kanto) to do more gyms and extra postgame stuff. Its a pretty good blog, check it out. Here's a link for the post.

Also, Nostalgia will be out in the US sometime September this year apparantely. The game has a really good staff behind it, and could be pretty good. Not much out on it at the moment, just a few screens, but keep an eye on this one if ds rpgs are your thing and/or if you like the steampunk setting. The graphics dont look amazing, but they could be good enough. 3D DS RPGs don't always look amazing, but they can be really good. I really liked FFIII, FFIV. Even simple stuff like Animal Crossing: WW looks really good in my opinion. Actually, the graphics in this game seem pretty good for a DS game.

some Nostalgia screenshots:

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gundam Unicorn series announced.

Some pretty cool news for Gundam fans hit not too long ago. They have got the go ahead for an anime series based on the Gundam Unicorn novels. I havent read the books, but I've seen gunpla of the Unicorn Gundam and it is awesome. They have a really good staff behind the show, so lets hope it is good. Source

 Stupid layout...I can still not figure out how to make a bunch of images sit well in a post. 

Xbox and the awesomeness of mangos

Went on Xbox Live for some free Halo 3 online as a result of the XTival this weekend. Still one more day, so check it out if you wanna get the privileges you would get with gold for free. It was kinda fun...but theres even more noobs on there than usual. I'm not saying that I'm amazing, but people were leaving games early, standing still, teamkilling, making stupid noises through the voice chat. I heard the thing being played so many times...I mean when those screams are boring into your soul through the gets pretty lame fast. I muted and submitted so many negative player reviews within a few hours, it meant that any appeal Halo usually has was just gets frustrating if people fuck around.

Gah..I'm starting to sound like the guy from that video... >< 

No more FPS for me.

Also, Mangos are a godly fruit. 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Turn A Gundam, and other stuff.

I hadn't watched any anime in a while, so decided to watch some of the mecha anime I have on my Hard Drive, cos I have tonnes of unwatched stuff, and since I'm working on some gunpla at the moment, I thought I'd watch a gundam series, Turn A Gundam

So far I've watched the first 4 episodes and even though the animation is dated and the mobile suits have very strange and different designs, I like it so far. Its political like most gundam series, but its not throwing a lot of complex factions and organisations at me yet.  I'll have to see how it unfolds as the series goes on. 

Some more info

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In terms of gunpla (gundam model kits,) I've been working on the HG 1/144 Kerberos BuCue Hound

Its the first HG kit I've done in ages, I've not done any gunpla in months, so I decided to put a lot of time and effort into this one, giving this one a better paint job than the last few I did, which were the smaller SD kits. I always liked the style of this mobile suit, and this kit has a lot of complicated pieces in there, little bits of wire for example which confused me at first. I'm quite new to gunpla, and I didn't know what length of wire to cut cos I've not seen it in any of the kits I've done so far. I'm not too far through yet, but hopefully it looks good once I'm finished it.

Here's the kit I'm talking about;

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Some video game stuff:

Final Fantasy Agito XIII (PSP)

Yeah, this is old, but I wanted to post it up here. Looks like a nice game! If they have some of what made Crisis Core good, they could be onto a winner here, Square Enix.;jsessionid=dg2va5g562r8

Magna Carta 2 (Xbox 360)

Will be getting a US release, it has some bizarre looking characters and outfits, but some nice graphics overall. I've heard the original wasnt amazing, so here's hoping this one is better. It will be an Xbox 360 title.

A few games I didn't expect to get PAL releases were announced at some point recently. Stuff like the innuendo heavy Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica for the PS2. I didn't think this would get a PAL release because of dwindling PS2 sales over here, but Koei Europe are releasing it here at some point. Its a good sign to see rpgs like this and Mana Khemia being released. I mean, even if they aren't the best games, its good to see companies bringing them out and getting more recognition. I'm tempted to get Mana Khemia on the PS2, but its still expensive and I got a few other games that would get bought before I got that.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope (Xbox 360) will be out here in June. I might have mentioned this, memory sucks...

old Japanese trailer from Square Enix;

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor (DS) has a Q3 release date for us PAL gamers, according to

This one looks pretty good, take a look at Atlus' site for some more on it. Americans will get it on 23/06/2009. I might import it if it gets decent reviews. 

Muramasa: The Demon Blade (Wii) will be released in PAL territories sometime in November, apparantly. I cant remember if I found this out before, I knew it was coming to the US, but I wasnt sure if it would be seen here. Finally, another decent looking Wii game! My Wii is currently fossilised under layers of dust... I had meant to pick up No More Heroes, Okami and Baroque(I was very close to buying this one because it was about £7 in Game) but never got round to buying em. Too many games to play and not enough money was the main reason.

Anyway, there's been a trailer up for a while now for this game; 

Dark Spire (DS) looks pretty cool, I'm a big fan of old school games, and rpgs with class systems and influences from old games. Its not gonna be everyone's cup of tea, but it looks good to me. Link

Friday, May 1, 2009

Football, RPGs, Life

Not really updated recently because life hasn't exactly been too kind to me. I split up with my girlfriend recently, its hard to find a job and my applications to postgraduate degrees have been rejected...but enough moping, you dont wanna hear about my troubles.

I've been watching Champions League football this week and I wasn't too impressed. For semi-finals, I thought they would be more entertaining. Specifically the Chelsea vs Barcelona game. I was looking forward to that game, as I love the football Barca play, but only one team played any decent football in the 90 minutes, and that was the spanish side. I can understand the strategy that Hiddink's men were going for, defending for the away leg and trying not to concede. It worked, but it was a frustrating game to watch. I would have much preferred it if they had gone into the game looking for away goals, would have been a less negative, boring game in the end. 

The Man Utd vs Arsenal game was similar, it was pretty much all one way traffic, with Man Utd bringing the game to Arsenal. Maybe the return legs of these semis will be more interesting. 

I also don't exactly like the fact that the Champions league is so dominated by English teams nowadays...thats why I'm backing Barcelona this year, I don't want another all english final. Man Utd vs Barca could be good. I'm also wanting to watch some more UEFA cup, as I like seeing fresh European clubs in action.

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga (PS2)

I've been playing quite a bit of Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga on the PS2 recently after beating DQIV. Its the first SMT game I've played (I'm keeping Persona 3 and 4 for later) and so far (I'm only about 8 hours in) I'm liking the visuals and character design, even if everything is very bleak and grey. Gives a really nice cyberpunk feel. Kinda odd that the characters are quite often so androgenous, but thats not too important, I like the cel-shaded way they are rendered. The turn based combat is quite interesting, I'm still getting used to aspects of the whole turn symbol thing, like exploiting enemies weaknesses, critical hits, misses, passing turns and how they affect the turn symbols. I picked the first one up for really cheap preowned (about £6) which might be because the box was a bit damaged, but I was still chuffed with that, I think its worth quite a bit more than that. So, just after starting this one, I ordered the second one in it's collectors edition cos I'm a sucker for limited ed stuff hehe. 

Got it for quite cheap (around £14ish) off and it arrived much quicker than expected. I'll have to  play through the first one and then get on to this asap. I read that you can transfer your save data, which is a nice feature. Only a few minor things about the first game that I don't exactly like so far; the random encounter rate seems a bit unbalanced, slightly too high at times, which can be frustrating when you are running round the large dungeons. Even the first dungeon in the game took me a good while. Comes as quite a shock after playing a game like DQIV with simple dungeons. Some of the monster designs are strange and at first I didn't particularly like them, but they aren't that bad really. The mantra system is one thing I like, but at the same time think it could be tweaked ever so slightly. I like skill trees like that in Diablo 2, and this is similar, but with more to it from what I can tell. You select which mantra you want to follow and you basically gain points towards mastering that mantra. When you get close to mastering and/or do master it, you will gain the skills associated with the mantra. So its pretty cool, but it kinda bugs me when my characters have mastered their mantras and I can't get to a karma temple to assign a new one. So that means any Atma Points (AP) that they get from battle goes to waste until I equip new mantras (which can only be done at certain points in the game) Also, the mantras become increasingly expensive as they get more advanced, this could be a problem but I'm not sure. I'll have to wait and see how much currency I get as the game progresses. Money is rewarded on how quickly, or effectively you beat enemies from what I can tell. They could have easily made it so you can download new mantras through your status screens via the tag ring or whatever that thing is the characters have. Would have been easier. 

I knew I recognised Jinana's voice actress. I looked her up on wikipedia and she had done quite a bit of other stuff, including Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. The game as a whole has a really good voice cast, even though in some bits of the game the lines arent exactly put across amazingly...

Still, some good actors and actresses in the english track. Crispin Freeman (yay Alucard!), Yuri Lowenthal and many others; 

Other stuff I've found out; Dragon Age Origins will be getting Xbox 360 and PS3 releases! That bodes well for me who doesnt own a good enough PC to run it. I love Bioware, so I'm really looking forward to what has been described as a "spiritual Baldur's Gate 3." If its anywhere near as good as BGII, I'll be happy. I hadn't been keeping an eye on this title because I assumed it would be a PC only game, but this was good to find out! 

Star Ocean: The Last Hope (Xbox 360) has a PAL release date now, and it will be here on June 5th. I thought they would have got this one here quicker, but better late than never I guess. I know the game has had some criticism, but I still want to try it as visually it looks amazing and I've been looking forward to it for ages. Plus the battle system looks really fun. I'm gonna try and get ahold of the second game on the PSP and beat it and hopefully Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (PS2) before I play this one. Yeah, I know this one is a prequel but might as well play them in the order they were released.

I'm also looking to get a hold of Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles, Riviera, Persona 4. But to be honest, I should really play through some of my backlog.

Too many games...RPGs take a lot of time to play, but hell I love em!